5 Essential Elements of a Successful Corporate Event in Iowa

Running a company means juggling a lot of different balls, and not all of those balls have to do with the bottom line. A company needs to worry about its employees, too — while there is a lot bantered about when it comes to morale, milestones need to be celebrated and employees need time together outside of the office. That informal time is needed for more than mere morale but to also show that people are more than their position. Plus, they need some time to build informal relationships outside of the office to have stronger relationships inside it. And when your employees are happy and get along well, they’re likely to be more productive and less likely to quit on you.

An Event to Match Your Company Culture

A corporate event is any event outside of the office that provides employees an informal environment to build relationships. While that sounds sort of stuffy, this can mean anything from a casino night to a paintball game. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as it allows people to drop their workday facades and build real relationships. It’s just a matter of finding the right corporate event theme that will excite and engage the most people. Pay attention to your employees’ primary age demographic and their interests. It can help to listen in on water cooler conversations and pay attention to the open chat channels on Slack.

The Right Location

For basic corporate event themes, company owners do not need to make too big of a stretch. The nature of the state itself offers a number of different options, and sometimes it can be interesting to see what people do for fun. The basic key is to find events that force some level of conversation; tickets to the State Fair may be popular, but as the employees are more likely to go at different times and disperse even if they arrive together, it does not exactly help create any real camaraderie. Conversely, a hunting trip is definitely going to forge friendships among those that attend, but they are unlikely  to be well-received by the entire company. The goal is to find some sort of event that works for as many people as possible.

A Great Theme

For corporate event themes, Iowa offers quite a bit and by exploring those themes available, something is bound to click. A great theme to consider is the casino night; it is almost always one that that goes over well and will definitely be something that will be talked about for weeks. For casino themed corporate events Iowa companies usually rent out a place, such as a hall or a hotel, and then make sure that they decorate the location as much as they can. There are some games that are almost mandatory, such as roulette, blackjack, and poker, and there needs to be plenty of food and drink available. These all set up an atmosphere that makes celebrating almost difficult not to do.

Casino-themed corporate events in Iowa tend to pull people together because of the competition, food and drink, and the ending auction that provides a great capper for the evening. All of these elements come together to create a happening that makes something that others want to attend. It provides people a chance to dress up and a reason to hire a babysitter, so that alone makes the night worth going to. For those looking for something interesting, casino night offers everything that employees are looking for in an event and that employers look for in morale-building events. By creating casino themed corporate events Iowa, companies can solve a number of morale issues.

But there are more ideas for corporate event entertainment outside of the casino theme. A barbecue is always going to be popular, especially if run like a potluck with competitions. While not everyone will want to compete or even judge, that does not matter; the goal is to provide a way for everyone to get together. Those that provide the food link to those that eat, especially if the food is good, and people who compete will forge their own relationships. Even those who merely attend will find ways to connect to others, either by being encouraged to talk or finding something that they like as much as others. The key is not the theme, but making sure that your employees come together.

Good Food and Fun Prizes

Throw in a good buffet, some great desserts, and some decent drink, and the guests will usually provide the party. It does help to offer prizes for the games, however, as this incentivizes people to come out of their shells, participate, and socialize. They’re particularly important for some themes, such as a casino themed corporate event. Here are some ideas for good prizes to offer at your company event:

  • Gift baskets
  • Gift cards
  • Cash
  • Paid time off
  • Company swag
  • Gadgets

Focus on the People

No matter how much fun you plan to have with the event, never lose sight of what’s most important: your employees. Using a professional event company can be very helpful for making sure that you have all your bases covered, making the most of your budget, and maximizing the results of the event. It also takes a lot of stress off the shoulders of whoever’s been charged with coordinating the event, as they probably haven’t done something like this before, and asking them to work on the event on top of their usual workload can produce an effect opposite of what you’re intending.

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