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5 Ideas for Planning Engaging Iowa Corporate Events

Have things around the office gotten mundane? Are you trying to figure out something to liven things up and let your employees have fun? A great way to do this is by throwing a corporate event. Many companies will throw the same event every year, and it starts to become repetitive and dull. Instead of going the same route, figuring out a theme can really make things more alive and give your employees the time of their lives. If you’re trying to get ideas for Iowa corporate events, then keep reading to get five different themes with tips on how to throw a spectacular party.

Hollywood Movie Night

The first theme you could do for an awesome corporate event is a Hollywood movie night. With this theme, there are a few ways you could set things up. The first way is by having a general Hollywood theme. You could rent out a space and have a red carpet leading inside. Add some people with cameras, and your employees will feel like real celebrities. Inside, have some bubbly ready and serve amazing food. You could even host some kind of fun little award ceremony that takes after big Hollywood events like the Academy Awards.

On the other hand, you could decide to set up the building in different areas and decades. For every decade, you could do a different type of theme according to what was big during that time. For example, the 50s would have movies like “Grease” and offer foods such as hamburgers, while the 70s would have gangster movies and be all about pizza. You don’t have to use these decades, and you could just do movies and foods associated with them.

Fandom Night

Since so many people have their own fandoms and interests, you could also do a fandom night. The best way to figure out which fandoms to do is by simply doing some kind of poll with your employees. Some popular choices might be “Supernatural,” “Harry Potter,” “Dr. Who” and “Sherlock Holmes.” These might not be a huge interest in your workplace, so make sure you know what everyone loves. Plan to incorporate a few different fandoms into your party so that everyone can enjoy the festivities and have a great time.

In terms of food, drink and decorations, you’ll want to match each fandom. For example, you could have floating candles, Butterbeer, and chocolate frogs for a Harry Potter-themed table, but the Sherlock table would have something like investigator hats and pipes, and tea and scones. The good thing is that you can find a lot of ideas online to get you started. You don’t have to have activities, but if you do, make sure they are geared toward adults and go with the theme.

Around the World Night

Most workplaces have quite a bit of diversity, so try doing an around the world night. This particular theme has fantastic potential. There are two ways you could do this. The first one is going national. Doing it this way means you can include places like China, India, Ireland and Germany. If you wanted to do it on a smaller scale, you could do it with cities, like Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas and Baton Rouge. Regardless of which way you go, try and do a poll to see where everyone’s home state or country is, then use that to plan your party.

In terms of decorations, this theme is extremely easy. You can use the flags and colors from each place to decorate things. You could also use other items that are important or well-known to each area. Once you have your decorations, you want to make sure you include food and drink from each area. For example, you could do curry goat from India or deep dish pizza from Chicago. For activities, you could do trivia about each place, then give a prize to the person or team that gets the most answers right.

Casino Game Rentals

Who doesn’t love playing at a casino? Let your employees have fun and get some casino game rentals. By doing this, you can bring a little slice of Vegas right to you. You can decorate the entire space to make your employees really feel like they are in Sin City. You can include things like backdrops, bar areas, cut-outs of famous people who frequented Vegas, like Frank Sinatra, and replicas of various statues that can be found in the different casinos on the strip. Food and drink can be pretty much anything you want, but a popular option to go with this theme is a buffet. If you’ve been or heard about Vegas, then you know that buffets are everywhere.

In terms of games, there are many you can choose from. Some options are slot machines, poker tables, craps tables, roulette and keno. While most places will have rules and regulations on these actually paying out money, you can give tokens or tickets and let the employees pick out prizes at the end of the night. These can include gift cards, electronics and fun items.

Masquerade Ball

Finally, add a little mystery and host a masquerade ball. For this theme, you want to make sure you rent a venue that can be easily decorated and give a true feel of mystery and luxury. You can choose to have your guests arrive with their masks or give them the option to leave them off if they want. You’ll also want to make sure they know if it’s semi-formal or formal.

When thinking about decorations, food and drink, you have a lot of possibilities. To get ideas for decorations, try and research how masquerade events usually look and try and use that with your own ideas. Since it’s a formal event, you’ll want to have a nice sit-down dinner and fancy drinks. To finish the night, schedule in an hour or two of dancing.
These are only a few ideas for corporate events in the Iowa area, and you can pretty much come up with anything you can think of. The important thing is just to make sure you research everything and figure out how to make it an awesome party. There’s nothing worse than putting all kinds of work into an event and having it fall short. The best way to figure out the perfect theme for your party is by paying attention to what kinds of things your employees are interested in and figuring out what they’d appreciate. The possibilities are nearly endless, and you never know how great the idea will be if you don’t at least try it!

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