5 Ideas for Your Next Company Retreat

Have you been tasked with planning your company’s next office party or company retreat in Des Moines? No matter the event’s purpose, it can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially for those who may not have a knack for planning. That’s not to mention the pressure you are under to create a new and exciting event that your co-workers will look forward to every year.

There are many different corporate event ideas out there that are sure to please even the toughest crowd. Depending on your allotted budget, the time of year, and other factors, your options may seem either limited or too broad. Below are five great ideas to consider for your next retreat or office party in Des Moines that are ideal for the summer months.

Plan a Corporate “Glamping” Trip

You’re probably thinking, “What is glamping?” In a nutshell, the word is formed by marrying the word “glamorous” with “camping”. If you’re planning a corporate event or retreat that includes a getaway, then enjoying the beauty of a Des Moines summer in nature is an excellent retreat idea. What will make this even better is that there are more luxurious ways to host the team at this type of event instead of roughing it tent style, which may not go over well with everyone.

The Des Moines area boasts some beautiful lakeside cottage colonies that your people are bound to love. They are excellent for team-building exercises, scavenger hunts, and survival-themed activities. With an outdoor company retreat, the sky’s the limit for outdoor activities. The upside to this is it will get your staff out of the office and into a different space for more than just a few hours.

Fun Team-Building Retreats

Team building retreats and office parties are excellent ways to spend a few hours with your team and build critical thinking skills together. It doesn’t always need to be focused on the same theme; in fact, murder mystery corporate events and other types of fun team-building events are becoming quite popular.

Why plan a themed team building event? Because your team already spends their full-time work life living and breathing what your company does. An entertaining team-building theme will give your people a break from the everyday, get endorphins flowing through laughter, and help them to build on the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills your company needs.

Casino Themed Corporate Event

Casino themed corporate events have become quite popular lately, and it’s definitely an idea worth considering. The nice thing about a casino themed office party is that it creates some after-hours fun for your team without having to take a field trip to a local casino or planning a large, more expensive trip to Las Vegas. You can easily host casino corporate events in a rented hall or your building, if space permits.

To plan a successful one, you can have it customized to suit the purpose of your corporate party with casino rental companies that offer this type of company retreat party service in your area. They will supply everything from card dealers, required equipment, and theme-planning ideas.

Whether you want to raise funds for a special cause as a company or you want to have a night of fun together, a casino-themed party is a fun way to make it happen.

Favorite Decade Office Party

If you’re tasked with planning a themed office party, an excellent idea is throwing a favorite decade party. Employees can dress up in clothes and styles that represent that particular era, and you can have music to match, which will surely bring out dance moves you haven’t seen in years.

This event is sure to bring a hint of nostalgia among the office, many laughs, and fun memories that will be remembered and talked about for some time. Office parties don’t always need to have a work focus, and they shouldn’t if you want happy co-workers and employees for years to come.

Casino-themed parties and other themed events can be great ice-breaking activities as well and can help your team feel more like a family instead of just colleagues and co-workers.

Awards Night Banquet Celebration

Coming together for a night of celebrating milestones and accomplishments your team has achieved is an excellent way to build a strong team of valued employees. In today’s world, feeling validated is an important part of feeling like you’re part of a team and a company’s mission, which is needed more than ever before.

Life is busy, business is always changing and fast-paced, and the personal challenges of life can feel overwhelming for some of your employees. Giving them a night, day, or weekend of fun, celebrating achievements, could end up helping your employees and co-workers more than you even realize.

If you run a large and fast-paced company, it is possible you do not have the time to sit down with each team member and give them a pat on the back. Awards ceremonies allow you to focus on core skills and talents your team members have, and it gives you the chance to recognize them and their skills as a major asset to your vision and goals. You can also focus on the ways their expertise and talents have improved the company.

As with anything, planning a successful corporate event or office party in Des Moines really begins with proper planning. You will not be able to cover every single detail; however, having a plan is your framework for a successful event.

If you have a plan and choose a purpose for your event, your co-workers will know exactly what to expect and can plan accordingly and prepare. You can do this by deciding on your intended outcome for the event, choosing the right one that all employees can participate in, and by putting out an agenda outlining everything about your corporate party.

Putting together an office party or corporate retreat doesn’t need to be complicated or outlandish; it should serve a purpose and help build on company culture in some way. While it may be stressful to plan the right event, consider some of the above suggestions, and don’t forget to have some fun in the process.

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